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Turkish occupation intensifies its existence on Afrin borders


AFRIN- Turkish occupation army has intensified its existence on Afrin canton borders setting two towers for inspection, in addition to that, a cannon and a number of heavy arms have been set on the Bulbul district’s villages borders.EFRIN-ARETSA-TIRK-HEZEN-XWE-LI-CEM-EFRIN-ZEDE-DIKE ‫(1)‬

Turkish occupation army is continuing its reinforcement of military forces on the borders between Afrin and Bakur Kurdistan in Ali Karo and Bîkê villages in Bulbul district.

In this context, Turkish occupation army has set two towers for inspection between Ali Karo and Bîkê villages in Afrin canton and Cîciyo û Kloro in Bakur Kurdistan, moreover, military mobilization has been also witnessed there, the borderline was also lit to target anyone approaching the borders.

3 tents have been erected between Bîkê village and Cîciyo village provided with heavy artillery and ammunition, moreover, long and wide trenches have been dug to place soldiers and military machineries within.

200 forest trees were burnt by the Turkish occupation army near the Ali Karo and Bîkê village, on the border, the Turkish occupation army has set thousands of cement walls in Cîciyo village in order to continue building the separation wall between Bakur and Rojava( North and West Kurdistan).

In coincidence with this, the Turkish occupation army has worked on organizing patrols dressed as civilians in order to not draw attention, our reporter observing Turkish occupation army’s movement, Turkish soldiers have opened fire on our reporter without injuring him.