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Turkish occupation’s violations force closing some schools




GIRÊ SIPî- The Turkish occupation army is targeting border villages’ schools where the Kurdish language is taught at to obliterate identity and the mother language after failing to occupy Rojava that is managed by the Autonomous Administration in, in addition to killing the residents the adjacent villages to the border.MIZGIN

Hawar news agency’s correspondents monitored the remnants of the bombardment of the Turkish occupation on Susek village and the school of the village. During the monitoring, they met a number of villagers who were shot with bullet and whose families were killed by the occupation’s elements who are stationed in the observation points and with the school supervisors to express their suffering towards the practices of the Turkish army.

No one survived the bombardment of the Turkish occupation on the territories of North Syria of all age groups living in the Kurdish villages that are adjacent to the Turkish occupation border in Girê Sipî canton, even the houses have been almost empty of the population, and fear and death always threaten them.

The Turkish occupation targeted the school of Suesk village located west of Girê Sipî 17 km several times, and we do not forget the rest of the villages in Girê Sipî canton on the border of the Turkish occupation with various types of light and heavy weapons.

In an interview with the supervisor of the school of Suesk Mezgeen Othman that opened the door of the school that has been now free of students who left their studies for fear of being targeted by the Turkish occupation to tell what she saw of the practices against the school.

The walls of the school that is close to the border are good witnesses of the brutality of the Turkish occupation during their targeting to the school in order to deprive the children of the village of learning.ZELIXA

Mezgeen Othman explained the extent suffering of the school in the result of the Turkish occupation’s targeting, “This is what made the students tremble for fear of the bullets of the Turkish occupation to hide in their homes,” as the effects of the Turkish targeting to the school were clear through the holes in the walls.

The Turkish army’s brutal practices were not limited to schools, but rather extended to civilians while plowing their land and watering their orchards.

The death of Ez ed-Din Othman, the father of the supervisor Mezgeen is a good proof of this as the Turkish occupation army deliberately fired bullets at him in December 24, 2017 while he was going to turn on the water pump to irrigate the vegetable grove which is 100 meters away from his home, while it is 200 meters away from the barrier.

The Turkish occupation army also targeted Zulaykha Mustafa Mohammed, aged about 75 while she was taking care of her sheep in the opposite land to the border in the same village.

Zulaykha said, “We are always in the range of the Turkish occupation forces who target us every day from their points on the border of our village Susek.”

Whenever the people of this village go to graze sheep, plow lands, and water the orchards, the army shoots bullets at them and does not differentiate between women, children and the elderly people, all of them in the range of their guns.EDLE

Zulaykha pointed out that the Turkish state, especially the ruling regime, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is aiming at destabilizing the village’s security and stability, and instilling fear in the hearts of its people pointing out that Turkey seeks to create strives and conflicts among the peoples of the area in North Syria, it has no religion nor mercy.

The citizen Edlla Ali confirmed, “There is no specific time of the elements of the Turkish occupation’s targeting the civilians’ houses, and most of the time in the afternoon when the farmers are at their lands to water or plow them as most of the farmers’ lands are on the border between Bakur Kurdistan and our village Susek.”

The citizen Othman Mahmoud Othman tells the story of targeting his house, and the penetration of bullets in the window of the room, as well as the story of the killing of his brothers on the border at the hands of the Turkish occupation army in December 24, 2017 while he was at his land watering his orchard.

“It was 21:00 while I was sitting in the next room, and suddenly, we heard a loud sound. I did not expect the bullet to pierce the window, enter the room, and explode and fall on the ground,” he said.USMAN

Susek village is targeted directly from the points of their concentration on the hill opposite to the village and from the guard overlooking our village,” he said, adding that recently, the shelling on border villages, especially Susek has increased.

It is worth mentioning that Susek village was shelled with tanks and artillery in April 26 last year.