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Turks, German police interrupt marcher for Ocalan freedom

HAGEN – The second day of the youth march started on Monday morning, demanding the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan from the German city of Hagen to the city of Wuppertal amid harassment by the Turks and the German police.ALMANIA -MES ‫(1)‬

The day before yesterday, the first day of the march from the German city of Dortmund, under the slogan “In the spirit of vengeance to defeat colonialism and liberate the leader”, involving hundreds of young Kurds from several European countries and German cities.

The German police today blocked the march on the grounds that the youth chanted slogans that salute the struggle of the PKK and warned the Kurdish youth to chant slogans that salute the party’s struggle and show solidarity with him.ALMANIA -MES ‫(272892417)‬ ‫‬

German police arrested one of the youths after a Turkish car drove by the side of the march. They tried to interrupt the march by provoking the youths. One of the youths defended himself against the Turks who tried to create confusion among the march. The police arrested him and beat him which necessitated calling the ambulance.

The march continues with the slogans calling for the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, reviving the resistance of the Kurdish people and the struggle of the PKK, as well as leaflets on the objective of the march which calls for the situation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and the isolation imposed on him in Imrali prison.