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Unprecedentedly, “Jinology” Faculty opened in Rojava


QAMISHLO– The University of Rojava has opened two new faculties; Women’s Science known as Jinology (Jinolojî is a term created by Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan) and Fine Arts, as well as the four faculties that were already opened last year.QAMISLO-ZANINGEHA-ROJAVA ‫(1)‬

Since Rojava Revolution erupted and the Democratic Autonomous Administration was declared, many Autonomous Administration Institutions have opened up the education sector as a priority. They have begun to develop curricula suiting the needs of the region where colleges and institutes were opened to achieve a society rich in knowledge and culture.

The University of Rojava is one of the first steps to achieve an academic generation with the knowledge of the cultures and sciences that the region needs.

“Jinology” historic unprecedented step in the world

A year after the opening of the University of Rojava which includes four faculties (Arts – Petroleum Engineering – Agricultural Engineering – Educational Sciences), the University of Rojava has established two new faculties, Faculty of Women’s Science and Faculty of Fine Arts.QAMISLO-ZANINGEHA-ROJAVA ‫(127730177)‬ ‫‬

Women’s science is a new educational platform in the region that universities and institutes in the region have been ignoring but the Rojava Revolution is concerned with women’s issues and seeks to correct the mistakes committed have throughout history and to eliminate the concept of discrimination between men and women.

For these reasons, the Faculty of Women’s Science at the University of Rojava was opened with the purpose of studying women’s science through an extensive curriculum that includes an introduction to women’s science which includes the basic principles of women’s science, in addition to the history of women and the shared life science.

The college will teach Cizîre and Euphrates regions people, the College of Women’s Science is scheduled to continue for two consecutive years. The second year of study will be decided according to specialization. Graduates will be then working in Autonomous Administration institutions according to their specialization.

The college is now receiving university students who have been studying in the Syrian regime’s universities where they are subject to an evaluation test to be accepted in the levels.

According to the university principal, there is a good demand for registration. Registration began on September 6 and ends on the 30th of the same month. The teaching staff joined the teachers from Europe and the University of Rojava is seeking to include postgraduate studies in its educational program.

It is worth mentioning that the subject of Jinology is taught at the University of Afrin within the allocated lessons for colleges, and is primarily taught at the secondary level as a subject in schools’ curricula.