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Urban flourishing in al–Tabqa after its population reached 110 thousand



AL-TABQA– After the liberation of al–Tabqa city by the Syrian Democratic Forces on May 10, the city, with a population of about 110,000 except for displaced people, is witnessing an active movement of construction by citizens.TEPQA-VEGERA-WELATIYAN-U-CEKRINA-AVAHIYEN-XWE1 ‫(1)‬

The reason for the activity in the urban sector is to provide security and safety in the city, which was lacking the most important elements of life, and now in each neighborhood there are several construction processes quickly and significantly, which reflects the situation of the city after the liberation of urban development and prosperity.

The stability of the city has contributed to the return of tens of thousands of its inhabitants. Before the liberation of the city, the population of the city was only 15,000, according to Organizations Affairs Office in al-Tabqa Civil Council which has explained that the population of the city currently is about 110 thousand except for the displaced.

As a result of insecurity during the occupation of IS mercenaries for almost four years, IS mercenaries, construction percentage was completely lacking as inhabitants lost all material and morale components in view of the tragic situation that in the city.TEPQA-VEGERA-WELATIYAN-U-CEKRINA-AVAHIYEN-XWE1 ‫(183960065)‬ ‫‬

“Since the liberation of al–Tabqa city, the demand for building materials has increased tremendously from the city’s residents than before the mercenaries seized the city, I had to shut down the factory because of the total disruption of work absence of demand” said Omar Hassan, a construction materials factory owner.

At the same time (S, A) the owner of one of the houses in which the construction process takes place “when the city was occupied by IS mercenaries, I did not even think of putting one stone in the house because the city was living in a pitiful state. The IS mercenaries were often intent on demolishing the new buildings under the pretext of the violation, whose elements did not expose the violation and are entitled to build wherever they wanted.

“Now I will build my house without hesitation, and I am satisfied” added S, A.

Al-Tabqa city is witnessing construction processes are taking place in the city documenting efforts seeking the development and advancement of the city towards the summit after the demise of injustice and tyranny suffered from it.