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Violent clashes around Khas Ageyl village


AL-RAQQA- Khas Ageyl village neighborhood is witnessing violent clashes between SDF and IS mercenaries.

Syrian Democratic Forces continue the 3rd stage of the Wrath of Euphrates dealing strong blows to the mercenaries in lives and equipment, despite the bad weather conditions and heavy rain. In this context, ANHA reporters who are keeping up with the campaign said that Khas Ageyl is witnessing now strong clashes between SDF and IS gangs.

The clashes erupted after an IS attack from two axes starting from the region align to Euphrates River on SDF positions, SDF fighters have repelled the attack and violent clashes broke out then.

The results of the engagements were not known yet, while clashes are reported to be still ongoing in the region.

Khas Ageyl is situated 45 km southeast of al-Raqqa city, 50 km west of Deir ez-Zor city, Khas Ageyl was liberated on March 12, fighters also found arms and tunnels that the mercenaries dug around the village.