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Voice of Rojava FM programs to be re-broadcasted

DIRBESIYÊ – After the Qereçox attack, Dengê Rojava Radio (Voice of Rojava) is preparing to broadcast its programs on other radios in Rojava.

Following the works carried out for some time, amongst other programs, the program created by Martyr Heqî is broadcast on Dirbesiyê FM at 8.30 every morning.

Other broadcast programs on the radio are Parazvanên Rojava, Ciwanên Rojava, Dengê Kolana, Rojeva Welat while Rengê Jinê is being broadcast on other radio stations of Rojava.

Dênge Rojava Radio, which has been broadcasting for more than 5 years, was publicizing all the developments in the Rojava Revolution. The radio, which actively publicizes popular resistance in all parts of Kurdistan, played an important role in the referendum period in Turkey. The radio, which reflected the true face of the Turkish state many times to the public, was the target of the occupant Turkish army on 25 April 2017.

Despite the attack which targeted its broadcasting headquarters, Dengê Rojava is already preparing to start new publications.