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Voice of Uncle Jumah is louder than the noise of planes in Afrin



AFRIN  – Residents of the border villages and hot lines on the Afrin front lines refuse to leave their villages and stand by the fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ). People from Omara village in Shara district Uncle Jumah Dawood  who lives in the village of Omara, are a living example of the high morale of the residents there.

Uncle Dawood seeks epic songs about Afrin’s resistance and what is happening in him. His serene voice resonates between the mountains of Afrin, which inspires morale in the alleys and streets of the village of Omara, while he wanders through it and goes out to graze the sheep in the nearby slopes, despite the daily shelling of the village.

The correspondent  (ANHA) ‘s  interviewed with Jumah Dawood while he was passing through the village and singing it to an epic that embodies the resistance of the age, stressing that it will resist and win