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We are ready to spend our lives as our children did to free leader’


ALEPPO – The families of the martyrs in al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo  city that they are ready to take their lives as their children did for the freedom of Ocelan, condemning the destruction of the shrine of martyrs in Bakur, “North Kurdistan” by the Turkish occupation authorities.

An intensive Isolation has been imposed by Turkish State on the leader Abdullah Ocelan since 2015

and does not allow his lawyers and family to visit him, did not stop at that limit, but destroy the shrines of the martyrs in the Bakur Kurdistan, the last was the shrine of Krazen.

In this regard, ANHA interviewed the families of the martyrs in Aleppo.

A member of the Council of the Families of the Martyrs Rashid said that LeaderAbdullah Ocelan is a leader who has the spirit of democracy and called for freedom and fartrenity of the people and that he has continued  so far and al- Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood  has been lived in peace and security by virtue of thought and philosophy of the Leader Ocelan and planted in Aleppo city . Seeds  of Farternity of peoples and democracy among all components “ZINAB HABS

“We are not afraid of Erdoğan and are willing to sacrifice our spirit as our children did to free the leader. Erdogan is afraid of the will we have.”


“First of all, we salute leader Abdullah Ocelan, who has planted the voice of truth and freedom in our minds. We mothers of the martyrs say that no one can take our freedom from us and we will continue with the ideology and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocelan,” said Zainab Habash.RESMIA RASED

In turn, a member of the Council of martyrs’ families, Rashid, denounced the plot with the isolation imposed on Ocalan

“The  leader Abdullah Ocelan is not only a leader of the Kurdish people, but a leader of all the people who are fighting for their freedom. He called for freedom and democracy for all peoples,” she said.

And she added ;

“We mothers of martyrs will not stop until we hear news about our leader.”esmail

In this regard, a member of the Council of the Families of the Martyrs Ismail Khalil appealed to all the people of Kurdistan to continue their activities demanding the lifting of the isolation of Ocelan.

He also addressed Ismail during his speech, the Turkish state, “no matter how far away the leader from us and imprisoned him in a thousand prison will remain in our hearts and live by his thought and philosophy.”