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“We were taken human shields, snipers would shout if we escaped”


AL-RAQQA- “We were taken human shields and snipes would shout us if we tried to escape, they would intimidate people from the forces that came to liberate them” this is what Om Sakar said about the civilians suffering in the IS-held areas.

As the Syrian Democratic Forces continue their advance in the center of the city of al-Raqqa, more civilians are saved every day.

Om Sakar, one of the civilians saved, at 40, talked about the suffering of the civilians in the IS-held areas” they are taking civilians as human shields, snipers would shout them if they tried to flee, whenever they lose control of a neighborhood, they would take civilians with them to another.”

Om Sakar assured that “their acts are absolutely contradicting to the teachings of the Islamic religion, and they would intimidate us from the Syrian Democratic Forces saying that they will kill you, but when we arrived, what we saw was completely different as they treated us so humanly.”

Om Sakar also added that they were forced to wear veil” this is the last time I wear it”, Om Sakar also thanked Syrian Democratic Forces for the sacrifices they give for the sake of liberating civilian.”