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‘We will transfer our observations, impressions officially to Kurdistan parliament’



AFRIN – The parliamentary of Kurdistan Communist Party in Kurdistan Basur Parliament Bavi Karwan they will transfer their views and impressions of the situation in Afrin formally to the parliament of Basur Kurdistan region to be submitted later by parliament to the international bodies concerned.EFRIN-PARLEMENTOYA BASUR (2)

While the attack of the Turkish occupation army and terrorist groups on Afrin on the 24th day, escalating the mass rally around Resistance of the age, where a delegation arrived from Basur Kurdistan parliament to Afrin on Sunday night.

MP of the Kurdistan Communist Party in Basur Kurdistan parliament Bavi Karwan, members of the delegation said that they arrived in “Afrin Resistance and struggling representatives of Kurdistan Parliament and the people of Basur Kurdistan.”BAVIE KROAN

“For 23 days, civilians, children and women have been attacked and bombed by Turkish military aircraft, killing dozens of civilians. We came here to provide political support and symbolic support to our people. Later, we will visit areas that have been attacked. We will convey our views and impressions officially to the parliament, for its part to present it to the concerned international bodies, international organizations and friends of the Kurdish people, to urge these parties to break their silence about attacks targeting the people of Afrin. “

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Consul in Holler had warned Basur Kurdistan parliament of supporting Resistance of the age in Afrin.