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“We would not be free as humanity’s leader is prisoned in Imraly “

DÊRIK- “The Leader Apo’s Freedom Is Ours, And The International Conspiracy Would Not Underestimate Our Will” by these slogans, Dêrik people expressed their adherence to Ocelan’s way. Moreover, the streets of the city were ornamented by Ocelan’s pictures. DERIK-MES-JI-BO-OCELAN (5)

On Sunday, hundreds of Dêrik people in Qamişlo canton marched hand in hand in the 19th anniversary to condemn the international conspiracy that targeted the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan.

People held the pictures of the leader Ocelan and flags and symbols that indicate the area’s components, and headed towards Azadî Square in Dêrik city.

Hundreds of Dêrik city and Koçeret and Berav villages’ people, and the representatives of the area’s components in addition to representatives of the political parties and civil society institutions participated in the demonstration.

The participators in the demonstration assured on their adherence to Ocelan’s way, and their insistence on escalating the struggle as it is the only way to foil the conspiracy’s aims. DERIK-MES-JI-BO-OCELAN (1)

People went through the streets of Dêrik city while shops were shut and Asayîş Forces and Society Protection Forces’ members worked on insuring the participators’ preservation.

During the march, people chanted the slogans that salute Imraly resistance, and other slogans that condemn the international conspiracy in addition to slogans “No Life Without the Leader” and “The Leaders’ Freedom Is Ours”

The participators gathered in the center of the city’s market, and after holding a minute of silence, the administrative in the Democratic Union Party in Dêrik Tal’at Younis delivered a speech saying “we condemn the international conspiracy and the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan, we also condemn all the states that participated in the conspiracy”.

Younis assured that the conspiracy was foiled to underestimate the oppressed peoples’ will who are struggling for the sake of their freedom because these people have become armed by Ocelan’s thought and philosophy. DERIK-MES-JI-BO-OCELAN (2)

Tal’at Younis praised the struggle of north of Syria’s peoples, and ended his speech saying “no matter how much we have achieved victories, we would not be free as long as the leader of humanity is prisoned in Imraly prison”.

The march ended by chanting the slogans that salute Ocelan’s resistance and demand his freedom.

In a relevant concern, dozens of Newroz camp’s people gathered in the square of the camp to condemn the international conspiracy.

During the gathering, a statement was read to condemn the sides of the international conspiracy, and promised to continue struggling and resisting till Ocelan would be liberated.