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What are the Democratic North-Syria Federal Regions?

NEWS DESK- The Democratic North-Syria Federalism has been divided to three regions according to the Democratic North-Syria Federalism’s administrative divisions; Cizîre, the Euphrates and Efrîn.

Aiming to implement democratic accord principle, solidify the democratic autonomous administration system, create administrative units eligible to plan and act, set local development strategies, considering every area privacy, eliminating routine, bureaucracy based at the centralized system, making all administrative units directly responsible for services, economic, culture..etc. fields, appointing responsibilities and distributing powers to people themselves, Democratic North-Syria Federalism has been administratively divided to three regions; Cizîre, the Euphrates and Efrîn.

The region is an autonomous administration unit comprising a canton or more, or some areas sharing historic, demographic, economic and cultural and geographic characteristics.

According to the administrative division, the 3 regions are:

Cizîre region consists of 2 cantons al-Hasakah canton which includes al-Hasakah, Ad-Darbasiyah, Serê Kaniyê, Tel Temir Areas and Qamişlo canton which includes Qamişlo and Dêrik areas.

The Euphrates region comprises 2 cantons; Kobanî includes Kobanî city center, towns, villages and hamlets in addition to Şêran and Qenaya districts and Sareen city center and its towns, villages, hamlets and Jalabiya district, while Tel Abyad canton comprises: Tel Abyad, its towns, villages, hamlets and Ain Issa and Suluk districts.

The 3rd region is Efrîn which includes: Efrîn canton comprising Efrîn, Jandêrs, and Rajo areas, while al-Shahba canton includes Tel Rifat area and Ahras, Fafin and Kafr Naya districts.

The administrative divisions of North-Syria were reached at a meeting held by the Constituent Council of the Democratic North-Syria Federalism in July 27, 28 in Rmaylan town.