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What does Euphrates Dam liberation mean? 


AL-RAQQA- Ashraf Mustafa a SDF commander assured that Jaabar castle liberation is the beginning of liberating many archeological sites in Syria, Mustafa confirmed that liberating Euphrates Dam means cutting the road between al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa city.

Ashraf Mustafa spoke to ANHA about the importance of Jaaber Castle and the progress of Wrath of Euphrates towards the dam.

The SDF commander Ashraf Mustafa said” Wrath of Euphrates campaign entered its 31st day and till now it is achieving more progress and liberating towns, villages, hamlets including al-Jarniyah town and Swediyah Gharbi and most importantly Jaabar Castle.

Jaabar Castle will be a destination of thousands 

Ashraf Mustafa added” liberating Jaabar Castle is the beginning of many other achievements where more archeological sites will be liberated, this castle is significant to us because the mercenaries have used this strategic site as a training center and a headquarter of their amirs. We promise our people that all villages neighboring Jaabar Castle will be liberated, and security will be retrieved to the castle and it will return a destination for tourists from around the world.

The forces have progressed 70 km on al-Qaderiyah axis

In the same context, Ashraf Mustafa said that their forces have progressed 70 km on al-Qaderiyah axis reaching to Swediyah Gharbi and only 4 km are left to the Euphrates Dam, liberating this dam would cut the road between al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa adding” liberating the dam means overwhelmingly defeating the mercenaries in the city of al-Tabqa”.

More field progress made, more confidence obtained

Ashraf Mustafa the SDF commander concluded” not only the victories are achieved in liberating villages, but also gaining people’s hearts is much more important to us, 40 fighters have joined the ranks of SDF from the village neighboring Jaabar Castle.

Euphrates Dam or al-Tabqa Dam lies on the Euphrates River in the city of al-Raqqa, its length reaches 4.5 km with a height of 60 meters, behind the great dam al-Assad Lake was formed reaching 80 km in length, and 8 km in width, and the dam is 50 km from the city of al-Raqqa.