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What was her guilt to be maltreated?  



AL-RAQQA- Under the pretext of taboo, they have cut her blonde hair. Whenever she remembers those moments, she is filled with fear. She is afraid to take off the veil. She says “I hate IS”.

The girl Fatima al-Hamid who is at 9 ran across IS mercenaries while she was going to the market, the mercenaries beheld her long blonde hair so they stopped her to ask “why do not you cover your hair and put the veil”, Fatima responded innocently “I am still young”.

IS cut her hair

IS mercenaries accompanied the girl Fatima to her home as they took her father’s ID and said “we would not give your identity card back unless we cut your daughter’s hair”.

I hate IS

Fatima started wearing the veil. Fatima stated that after her hair was cut, she got afraid. Instead of her beautiful blonde, Fatima was seen wearing a black veil and the clothes imposed on her.

Moreover, IS mercenaries that were controlling al-Raqqa closed the schools and prevented the children from attending their schools so Fatima like other children was deprived of learning.

I like you very much

Amid al-Raqqa liberation campaign, the fighters liberated the girl Fatima with her family, and she unveiled again her face and said “I like you very much” in an indication to SDF fighters.

During their occupation, IS mercenaries released a rule which obliged females whose age is more than 5 years to cover their face and veil was imposed on them,