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what were mercenaries doing with the catapult?



 ALEPPO – Mercenary gangs belonging to Turkish occupation army have invested many kinds of methods for killing the people among these inventions was gas cylinder’s catapult as known “Shells of hell.”HELEB-DI DEMA PAVEJANA DE ÇI PEWISTA (4)

Mercenary gangs have caused the destruction in the country, not only published the intellectual backwardness among the society, but reached the embodiment through tools used in the war and this is embodied in the invention of catapult, which reappeared for the first time since the Stone Age.

When mercenary groups attacked al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo in February 16, 2016, mercenaries were used to bomb the neighborhoods in Aleppo city using gas cylinders (shells of hell) in the vicinity of al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood by barrage of shells.

Despite the passage of almost two years since the mercenaries were defeated from the area, the remains of mercenaries it is still existing now in the area. On one of the streets between al-Sheikh Maksoud and Bustan al-Pasha, the catapult created by the mercenaries remains, and draws the attention of everyone passing through that street.

Another thing that draws attention in that street is the names of the mercenary gangs involved in the attack on the al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, on the walls and the doors of the shops (Sultan Murad Brigade, Fajr al –Hurriya factions, Free Syria, Al-Faruq factions, Osoud al-Islam, Ansar al-Rasoul and Ahrar Gror.)HELEB-DI DEMA PAVEJANA DE ÇI PEWISTA (3)

What is striking is that these mercenaries, who call for Islam and call for the protection of their beliefs, have established the catapult near one of the mosques, which is considered the house of God for Muslims to use as their headquarters by targeting the other party, which leads to its removal from the framework of religious sanctuaries.

What does the catapult consist of, what is its use?

The catapult used by mercenaries consists of an iron base anchored to the ground through huge bolts. At the middle of the base is a thick, long tube of up to 6 meters. At its upper end is a place to place the cylinder and the lower end is fixed through a huge spring that is cut during preparation for rollers for release, the pulse of the spring is up to 200 m.HELEB-DI DEMA PAVEJANA DE ÇI PEWISTA (5)

What is the benefit of catapult in the presence of cannons?

The main street comes to become a front line. The mercenaries were unable to fire missiles accurately on the outskirts of the second street because of its great proximity. The famous shells of hell of the mercenaries, at least 500 meters wide, would go very far from the desired location.

This is why the catapult, which has a range of only 200 meters, was invented. This does not place it in the list of guided weapons, but it remains in the list of random weapons because the launch of the missile depends on the force of reducing the spring and weather conditions, which is unpredictable.

after two years of liberation, the painful memory is still thereHELEB-DI DEMA PAVEJANA DE ÇI PEWISTA (6)

Almost two years after the Turkish mercenaries were defeated from the region, this catapult, which was the cause of the brutality of the painful reality that has been experienced by the inhabitants of the region, has become an integral part of their daily conversations. It remains a pitch-dark memory in the book of black revolution’s history and an example of a killing method amongst many more.