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Where does solution to Syrian crisis lie?


NEWS DESK-Syria has become a battleground for regional and international powers, and launch of the so-called Third World War on what is happening in Syria may be in place. The regime and its years of rule since the mid-sixties, and even after the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, did not offer any national project for the peoples of Syria, but on the contrary contributed to deepen the Syrian crisis and create a nationalist, sectarian, and ethnic tendencies between the peoples of Syria.

The Syrian people, with all its components, revolt in March 15, 2011, against the repressive Baathist regime. The first spark began in the city of Daraa, and later spread to most of the Syrian geography.

The Syrian people revolted against the Baathist regime in peaceful demonstrations. The Baathist regime, when the head of the Baathist regime Bashar al-Assad issued a statement to the People’s Council in March 30, 2011, revealed that there were hidden hands behind the demonstrations and accused the Syrian people of treachery.

Syria has become a battleground and chaos and clashes have spread most of Syria’s cities and regions, creating an appropriate platform for regional states, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar on the one hand, and Iran and Russia to support the regime on the other.

Turkey, and through the funds pumped by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, supports some of the personalities who were likely to flee the popular revolution turned abroad and extended their hand to it, formed the so-called Syrian National Council and announced their support for the armed groups which soon became extremist Islamic groups.

In 2013 we saw dozens of radical Islamic factions and several types of opposition abroad related to foreign agendas, led by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It is remarkable that the role of the democratic forces in Syria is being marginalized in a deliberate manner, because the project adopted by the components of northern Syria is one of the most civilized and progressive projects that carries the principles and foundations of the democratic freedom of peoples.

Therefore, the Baathist regime is trying to create sedition between the people of the region by putting the pressure on the leaders of some Arab tribes, especially in the areas of Manbij, al-Tabqa and southern Qamişlo, in addition to putting pressure on Russia and Iran in order to exclude the people of the Syrian north from any talks on resolving the Syrian crisis.

The project adopted by the people of northern Syria is based on the principles of the democratic nation, which depends on the management of society for itself from all aspects of life.

Through this project, the people of the region managed to preserve the infrastructure of the regions, cities, towns and villages of the region from destruction, in addition to protecting the gains made by the people of the region with the blood of their families. The people of northern Syria, through their military system of Syria’s Democratic Forces and the People Protection Units and the Women Protection Units, were able to defeat mercenaries in their capital, and to remove mercenaries from the geography of northern Syria almost completely, in addition to protecting the children of the region and the refugees who came to the area from all the cities and regions of Syria which is now experiencing a state of instability and insecurity.