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Where have 3,485 Yazidi women and girls gone?


AL-RAQQA- Selling women and girls is still ongoing in two markets allocated for this aim in al-Raqqa city center, but what is the fate of 3,485 Yazidi women and girls that have been hidden at the last five months?REQA-JIN-U-ZAROKE-EZIDI-LI-KU-MAN ‫(155845121)‬ ‫‬

The fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room are still progressing within Wrath of Euphrates campaign. The mercenaries started to move its forces to Deir ez-Zor governorate.

A market for selling women

The market for selling women in al-Raqqa city exported the international public opinion talking. In addition to that, most of kidnapped Yazidis women that were sold attempted to escape the edict in Şengal. There are two main markets for selling women; one of them is east of the city, and the other in the south. Most of those who were buying women are Arab citizens.

The citizens mentioned that by saying “Allah is the greatest” three times, that would be enough to complete the purchase on the base of marriage. It was also said that most of women were dealt with as servants. According to the mercenaries, the servant is halal to everyone fights for the sake of Allah and Islam, and the mercenaries were selling women by the condition of imposing Islam on them.

Life in al-Raqqa before and after ISREQA-JIN-U-ZAROKE-EZIDI-LI-KU-MAN ‫(1)‬

Before the civil war broke out in Syria, there was a private university and some governmental schools in al-Raqqa, and life was different there in comparison with other Arab countries. As the civil war began in 2011 and the mercenaries’ gangs that are linked to the National Coalition dominated al-Raqqa, the situation changed. By 2014, the situation got worse in al-Raqqa as it became a stronghold for the mercenaries gathering.

The people could not oppose or organize any anti-mercenary activity amid the harsh rules like slaughtering, stoning and executing people that were imposed by the mercenaries.

Women were obliged to commit suicide

To get information about what was going on in al-Raqqa city, we had to complete our tour inside the city. Moreover, we met a sad woman in al-Sina’a neighborhood north of the city. The woman seems as she was in a constant search for something.

The woman who aged between 30 to 35 has not accepted to answer our questions for the first time, but as she hoped us to help her finding what she was looking for, she started to respond.

The woman (L.M) stated that she was looking for her daughter that is 15 years old, and that she looked for her everywhere. The woman said “I know that there are centers for selling women and I witnessed the purchase of thousands of women to men from Saudi Arabia and other countries. In the same context, many women including me fled these markets, but my daughter remained in their hands so I was obliged to go back there. Moreover, many women who were sold were obliged to commit suicide. I am sure that whenever I would be arrested, I would be stoned or imprisoned, but I am obliged to complete searching for my daughter”.       REQA-JIN-U-ZAROKE-EZIDI-LI-KU-MAN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

According to the information we got, 3,485 women and girls have been lost during the last 5 months, and in accordance to what some people stated, many IS’ Amirs (princes) took those women and girls with them and withdrew heading towards Deir ez-Zor. Others said that the women and girls were sold to merchants from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries.

Al-Raqqa is an open prison to Yazidi women

Al-Raqqa became an open prison to all people there and was a hell to women who were liberated by YPG, YPJ and SDF that have been taken to the liberated areas. Women talked about the mercenaries’ acts and assured that women were dealt as servants to men and could not be able to move without a male companion be it a husband, father or brother. Moreover, women are obliged to wear veils that cover them form head to feet.