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Winners of Democratic National list candidates celebrated their success

AFRIN – The winners of Local Administration councils’ elections of the Democratic Nation list in Afrin canton in Afrin region celebrated the elections’ success in North Syria.

The candidates won in the Local Administration councils’ elections in Afrin organized a march on vehicles to celebrate the success of the North Syria elections, hundreds of Afrin residents, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) institutions, bodies and  civil institutions, Asayîş and the traffic attended the celebration.

The motorcade launched from al-Shuhada Square in Afrin center holding flags of the Democratic Union Party, the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the canton.

The motorcade  wandered through the villages and districts of Afrin canton amid an atmosphere of enthusiasm and chanting the slogans that salute the solidarity of North Syria people and the resistance of Afrin people that accompanied by the sound of playing drums and the flute.

The motorcade stopped again in al-Shuhada Square where the winners in the elections and the people danced in rings with the revolutionary songs.