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Winter in Gaza Strip .. “horror” nylon cannot afford by poor families


GAZA – Nylon purchased by the citizen Abu Mohammed al-Aila,  to cover the entire roofs of his iron-filled house, did not stop he called his son Yahiya to go and buy another piece of nylon and urged him to hurry before the darkness raged and saw nothing.

Minutes passed, Yahiya returned with the nylon he had bought and climbed to the roof to help his father brush the nylon over the rubble that was devouring the roof..

Poor families in Gaza Strip, especially the residents of the camps in the Gaza Strip, receive the winter with special services, which are unknown to them.

The owners of these houses are surrounded by the roofs of their iron houses, hoping to reduce the leakage of heavy rain so as not to sink homes. Actually leaking water into the houses, especially if the rain is severe.

The resident Mohammed Aziz, said “The problem is not that this disaster is lying on our own, but the problem is that it has become a normal thing in the life of the camp. It is natural that we open the season by rolling our roofs with nylon, and despite this we are drowning without any movement or even promises to end our suffering in the future. “

He added “The winter is a part of terror, we cannot do anything to fight the cold that infiltrates the house and we cannot afford it.”

He noted “We are suffering from bad physical conditions, which prevent us from surrounding ourselves with winter supplies. We feel that when we are in the rain, we live in the street.