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“With Ocelan’s thought, philosophy, we lead Manbij to safety”


MANBIJ Co-chair of the Legislative Council in the Civil Democratic Administration of Manbij Farouq al-Mashi denounced the Turkish state practices against the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan; describing them as “fascism” and at the same time, the philosophy of Ocealan has become a map of the solution towards peace and democracy in the region.

The Turkish authorities arrested the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan on February 15, 1999 during a conspiracy where several countries sought to stop the struggle of the Kurdish people to obtain their rights, since then the Turkish state is trying to weaken, break the will of the Kurdish people through inhuman practices against Ocelan, the latest of which was the information published by some Turkish media about the deteriorating Ocelan health in his prison in the Imrali Island in the light of Turkish authorities refusing to disclose any information about his situation.

Amid the events that are organized is the humanitarian organizations’ calls for pressurizing the Turkish state and insist on disclosing the status of Ocelan, Hawar News Agency held an interview with the co-chair of the Legislative Council of the Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij Farouq al-Mashi.

“We denounce the Turkish authorities’ holding their tongue about Ocelan’s health status”

In the context of information about the Ocelan’s deteriorating health and the Turkish state’s holding its tongue about position in Imrali amid the isolation imposed on him, Farouq al-Mashi said that the Turkish state is trying these methods to exclude the people eager for freedom from their goal. “Freedom is worthy of all the struggling people and leader Ocelan wanted us gain our freedom. We fight in accordance with the philosophy of the democratic nation that he proposed.”

Humanitarian organizations must intervene and pressurize Turkish state

Farouq al-Mashi called the United Nations and human rights organizations to put pressure on the Turkish state to reveal the health of Ocelan and seek to release him and carry out its responsibilities towards him and all peoples demanding freedom.