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With small capabilities, Sinciq Sadûn offered important services



AMÛDA –People Municipality in Sinciq village which in Amûda district in Cizîrê region executed important projects in the present year despite of the weak capabilities and the budget. AMUDE-KOPIRATIF1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

People Municipality in Sinciq village began their projects since three months one of them was maintaining of electric generators to pump water to the villagers who have suffered from lack of water since a year and maintaining the streets from Sinciq village leading to the other villages Çolî, Bebo, Girxalid, Pêlesan , Amûda, Til Hebeş and Semetik.

Municipality sprayed the pesticides to struggles insects and assigned 450 cards to offer diesel to the electric generators in the mentioned district.

Municipality faces difficulty in maintaining street which passes from Gir Xalid village which is considered a very dangerous slope where there were a lot of accidents and caused a lot of car accidents because Antiquities Body did not allow to cut 3 km of hill village to widen the street and maintain the road because it considered it as antique hill.

Sadûn Ebdullah Ehmed the co-chair of Sinciq Municipality noted that they face difficulties in working because the budget of the municipality is weak and insufficient, and they also suffer from the lack of machineries and tar that tar the damaged streets.