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Within months… Third Conference of Syrian Democratic Council


NEWSDESK- The Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Elham Ahmed said that after the successes achieved by the Council at the political levels have been able to attract many entities and political currents to work within the Democratic Syria ‘s Council , and reported that they will hold their third conference in the coming months.

The remarks were made by the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Elham Ahmed, during an interview with the Hawar News Agency about the holding of the third conference of the Syrian Council and preparations for it.

Elham Ahmed indicated that they had formed a preparatory committee for the conference and would prepare a work plan for the council during its new session.

Elham Ahmed noted that Syrian Democratic Forces played an important role in liberating the areas from IS mercenaries, as they played a key role in combating terrorism and defending humanity. “The Syrian Democratic Council had a politically important role and through the building of administrations Coordination with the areas in which the Autonomous administrations were formed, supervision of the works completed in those areas, as well as the presentation of projects and plans for Syria and its future.”

“We saw that it is necessary to re-structure the Council, to discuss the program of the Council and its rules of procedure in full, to discuss with other political forces, to initiate dialogues with them and to agree on certain points,” she said. To engage in joint work within the framework of building the future Syria and within the project of the future Syria, which will be discussed at the third conference.

The Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council indicated that all parties and political parties are open and are discussing with many personalities and parties from outside the council to participate in the council in preparation for the conference, noting that many figures and blocs have expressed their willingness to engage in this work.

At the end of her speech, the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Elham Ahmed confirmed that the third conference of the Syrian Democratic Council will be held in the coming months.

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