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Woman decided to struggle, work for living


MANBIJ-  The citizen Maryam al-Ahmed from Aleppo depends on selling bread in  Manbij city near Berkel Hospital to support herself and her sister who became victims of the battle ongoing in the area.MARIAM-ALAHMED-300x225

during the crisis ongoing in Syria, many families suffer from problems in terms of living as many families have been forced to leave their areas while some families suffer from the most severe suffering whether it was the loss a number of their home’s members or the loss of their homes or support.

But this did not prevent many people from continuing to live, rather, it was the main motivation for some people to seek livelihood.

The citizen Maryam al-Ahmed is from Aleppo, and she is living now with her widowed sister in Manbij city. She and her sister have a story of the victims of battles in Syria where Maryam remained alone after the death of her brothers and mother, but she decided to stand by her sister and take care of her work so as not to be a burden to anyone.

Maryam al-Ahmad who is at 50 was living with her two brothers and mother in  Aleppo city. As the battle started and the crisis in Aleppo city escalated,  the journey of displacement has begun. Like many Aleppo people, she fled with her family to al-Raqqa city. After the members of her family died, she stayed alone facing her fate.

Instead of sitting in the house and waiting for help, she began to work in order to gain money for her livelihood. Now she is selling bread in Manbij city near Berkel Hospital.

Maryam talked about the circumstances of her life during the battle saying “When the battle broke out, I moved from one village to another. When my brother was alive I was with him in al-Raqqa city and we have stayed there for seven months, but after losing my whole family (my mother and brothers) and I have stayed alone. I decided to come to Manbij city where my sister is living, a widow with three children and a daughter.

Then, Maryam spoke about her work saying, “This is my state, I am alone. There is no body supports me. The house in which I live is a non-covered home. I have no clothes but these. I depend on myself in order to not be humiliated by demanding support from people. I sell bread to live from its earnings. I sell five to ten pieces of bread bundles every day. I buy them from the oven. My daily income is about 500 Syrian pounds. If I would not need money, I would not sit on the road side selling bread.”

It is worth noting that many women and children who have been forced to leave or who have no dependents have decided to struggle and work to insure livelihood.