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“Women are foundation of society and society must realize that”

GIRKE-LEGE- On the occasion of the International Day Against Violence against Women, with a view to discussing it and introducing it to women. The campaign to “Break the Imrali system is to break down the restrictions on women.”  Kongra Star was held in  Girk lege in a meeting attended by dozens of women and members of civilian and military centers and institutions.

The meeting was held in the trade union hall, began with a minute of silence, followed by a television screen that included clips of violence against women and pictures of it. This wasGIRKE_CIVENA_TUNDIY_LI SER_JINE (1)

followed by an administrative talk at the Kongra Star  Avein Swede, which said: “Women should be confident and capable of solving Their problems and contribute to ending this phenomenon and reducing it through awareness of the whole community.

Avein Swede added that women are the basis of society, so society should be aware of it and give it full rights and keep away from the idea of the backward man ruler .

The meeting included discussions of some of the attendees who have  expressed their views on the phenomenon of violence and why it is widespread in some societies that suffering  from mental retardation.