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“Women are makers of life, can consolidate their role even in war”



MANBIJ– Syrian activist and director Suheir Sarmini said that women even in war conditions can consolidate their role and prove their presence in society, because she is the maker of life and in north Syria areas, women have proved it.

In the context of the first founding conference of the Syrian Women’s Council, which was held in the city of Manbij earlier this week, the Hawar News Agency met Syrian activist and writer Suheir Sarmini who noted in her speech that the conference is a mixture of Syrian spectrums.

She said “this gathering of women from all peoples, life has given this a luster to this conference an opportunity to work for the advancement of Syrian women and to consolidate their role and to combat violence against women, that is, women’s freedom from all forms of violence”.

She pointed out that women in Syria have contributed much in the war and became mothers and sisters of the martyr, and she was a pioneer in all areas of life, as it played a prominent role in the fight against terrorism and women in north Syria are the avant-garde in this field.

Suhair confirmed “women, even in circumstances of war, can consolidate their role and prove their existence in society, because they are the makers of life. They are also capable of changing the laws were imposed by society on women, especially the personal status laws of women. For the Syrian women, convening this conference is very important, as it will take decisions aimed at deepening the advancement of Syrian women.

On the organization of women and the consolidation of their role better in society, Suheir said “every human being needs organization to reach their purpose “we, too, as Syrian women, achieve our purpose of progressing and working to consolidate our role in all fields. We must be organized.”