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Women Council is destination for al-Tabqa women


AL-TABQA – Women Council in al-Tabqa has become a destination for the women who want to solve their problems although the council has recently been formed as it was announced in coincidence of the 5th anniversary of the July 19th Revolution.TEBQA-NAVINDA-CINEEE ‫(1)‬

The council was constituted in July 19, 2017 in coincidence with the 5th anniversary of the July 19th Revolution that is known by the name “Women Revolution”.

Soon, the council started working with various committees, and the Reconciliation Committee has solved dozens of issues during less than a month.

The committee depends on listening to the two sides of conflict in order to solve an issue taking into consideration customs, traditions and Islamic law.

The committee receives Reconciliation Commission’s issues of the districts’ councils, and Women Council calls the concerned in the issue with witnesses and afterwards it listens to the two parties in addition to the witnesses’ testimony, and as if the issue would not be solved, it would be sent to the Social Justice Divan.

The head of Reconciliation Committee in Women Council Su’ad Jaffar al-Rashid assured that more than 30 issues have been solved till now without resorting to Social Justice Divan.  SUHAD JAFER ALRESED

In addition, the administrative in Women Justice Juhaynah al-Mesto said “Women Council in al-Tabqa is continuously and actively developing to solve family problems”.

Juhaynah al-Mesto added “two members of Women Council have been appointed to Social Justice Bureau to be mediators between the council and the divan.