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Women Council’s Reconciliation Committee in al-Tabqa protected 600 families from disintegration

AL-TABQA-The Reconciliation Committee in Women Council in al-Tabqa and its villages solved about 600 familial disagreement issues before reaching to the Social Justice Bureau of al-Tabqa aiming at protecting the families from disintegration and preserving the children from the negative effects of marital separation.
On July 19, the Women Council in al-Tabqa and its countryside was announced in conjunction with the 5th  anniversary of Rojava Revolution that is known as Women Revolution, and the Reconciliation Committee which cares about women’s issues and solves their problems was formed.TEPQA-QUMITEYA-LEHEVHATINE1 (2)
And in order to promote local women and to form her independence personality in addition to solving their problems themselves, the role of Women Reconciliation Commission in the council was crystallized as the committee’s first and last aim was to solve the familial problems of women in al-Tabqa.

The administrative in the Reconciliation Committee in Women Council in al-Tabqa and its countryside Raja Abdul Rahim likened their work in the committee to an integrated bee cell as they help each other, and depend on the principle of wisdom’s voice which is “conciliation is the matter of the law”. Raja also said that we have always analyzed the issues between the wife and her husband before straining the humanitarian relationship between them.
Reconciliation Commission is considered as a direct commission concerned with solving women’s issues, and an end to the stage of men’s control of women’s fate in addition to imposing their views that are concerned to women’s problems.
“One of the two sides whether they were the husband or the wife often comes to us in order to complain about the other side describing the bad deal and cruel case which they are exposed to by the other side” said Raja Abdul Rahim.TEPQA-QUMITEYA-LEHEVHATINE1 (1)
The Commission strives at preventing any conflict to be stirred and tries to find a solution that suits both sides of the dispute taking into consideration the customs and traditions of the area .
The administrative adds “we do not differentiate between the complainant and the defendant whether they were women or men. What is matter to us is two things, the first is analyzing the problem while the second is correcting the error after hearing each of them separately. Then, we combine the two sides in order to find the best solution before turning the issue into the judiciary in case one of the two sides would not respond. “
The Reconciliation Committee in Women Council composes of 5 female members who have been working voluntarily since months till now.

The administrative in Reconciliation committee said “We are proud today that we have protected families from disintegration and loss. We also saved the children from dispersion after analyzing more than 600 issues before turning them into Social Justice Office.