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Women evaluate Jinolojî Forum’s essence

AFRIN-Women participating in Forum of Women’s Research Center in Aleppo city and Afrin and Al-Shahba canton expressed their confidence that the forum and its topics will raise awareness to reduce the phenomenon of violence against women through its diverse interlocutors, the most important of which is protection and the relationship of women to politics.

The Women’s Research Center in Afrin organized a discussion forum on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in the presence of women from the cantons of Shahba and Afrin, Aleppo city, Arabs, Kurds, Yazidis and Alawites.

Hawar News Agency observing the events of the forum, many women expressed the importance of the forum. A member of the Reconciliation Committee of the Women’s Association in Shahba canton Fatima Ali “The women in our canton have been subjected to a lot of injustice and dictatorship, their human rights have been violated, and we hope that women will be free from all the pressures that they have experienced, and that this forum is a platform for the voice of free women.”

Fatima also appealed to all women’s organizations to help them because they are in a closed society where women’s most basic rights are violated, such as the marriage of minors and the denial of education.

The administration of the Council of the Martyrs’ Families in Yazidis Union Hanan Hassan pointed out that holding the forum is a good step to get the voice of women from here to the whole world, “as the content and topics of the forum came to serve the oppressed and stolen women.” At the end of her speech, Hanan Hassan called for intensifying awareness sessions for the community on the subject of oppressed women.

The director of the Jinelojî (Women Science) Center in Afrin canton Sevin Jammu noted the issues presented in the forum are common and lived by women in daily basis. The main aim of these discussions is to free women from slavery and masculine mindset and return them to free life.