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Women expressed their thoughts in a special activity in Jinolojî forum


AFRIN – Afrin and Aleppo’ women  and expressed their ideas, through a special activity organized within the activities of the dialogue forum, and left the words that were written on the paintings ideas and showed that the women are taking steps to eliminate the violence

Under the auspices of the Women’s Research Center in Afrin, the first discussion forum was held in the canton in the presence of a group of women from al-Shahba and Afrin cantons, under the motto “Under the leadership of Jinolojî we will break the Imrali wall and with our leader we will end violence against women.”EFRIN-NECE-TEYBET-DI-ROJA-MENTEDE-JIN-3-300x200

During the forum, members of the Women’s Research Center initiated an activity in the Forum’s program through the preparation of a panel with several colored papers with slogans and thoughts on violence against women related to life and the return of hope, including “Progress, No Violence, Challenge, Your Voice is the Voice of Life”.

Also in the same painting the members of the Women’s Research Center have left some papers free of slogans and ideas, and gave the opportunity for all women participating in the forum to write a phrase according to what they think.

The sentences that were written by the participants are positive, meaning that Aleppo, al-Shahba and Afrin ‘cantons’ women were able to take steps towards eliminating the violence against them.

Among the sentences are: “Women are the spirit of moral society. The silence about violence against women is a silence towards moral and human values and principles.”

Freedom of women is the freedom of the leader Ocalan. “