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Women founded a defense system; 1st battalion in al-Tabqa



AL-TABQA- Formation of the first battalions of women under the umbrella of Syrian Democratic Forces was announced today in al-Tabqa city which is an important turning point on the way to form a defense system for Arab women to be able to defend their rights at civil and military organizations at various levels.TEBQA-YEKEM-ILANKIRNA-KETIBA-LESGERI-YA-JIN (2)

The battalion had already announced preparations since four months following the liberation of al-Tabqa city on May 10 by the Syrian Democratic Forces, in which women had emerged through the Women Protection Units as a major force in liberating al-Tabqa

The battalion bears the name of the martyr Şehîd Haboun Arab, she is a fighter from al-Raqqa in the Women’s Protection Units. She died about four months ago in the city of al-Raqqa as part of the campaign of Wrath of Euphrates in early June.

The ceremony began with a military parade by the fighters in the presence of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Women’s Protection Units.

“The announcement of a women’s battalion is a start for them in the military sphere, and the aim of forming a battalion for Arab women is to play their leading role in building themselves and the society,” said Daria Amarki,TEBQA-YEKEM-ILANKIRNA-KETIBA-LESGERI-YA-JIN (1)

The declaration of the first women’s battalion represents an important and historic shift for Arab women in establishing their defense system, in parallel with the organization of women in the fields of politics, economics and other fields.

Amarki confirmed the readiness of the battalion of 45 fighters to undertake the defense duties and said: “We are the battalion of Şehîd Haboun Arab are ready to perform all the tasks.”

In the same context, the mother of Martyr Delvan has congratulated Layla, Auch Mohammed, the fighters for this achievement, wishing them victory and success ” he was the first martyr of al–Tabqa city, martyred during the campaign to liberate the city of Raqqa.

After chanting “Women, are free life, we sacrifice our blood and soul for you martyr, we sacrifice our blood and soul for you leader,” The fighters took to dancing Dabkeh while Arabic songs were played.