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Women go on hunger strike calling to disclose Ocelan’s status

ALEPPO– Kongra Star in Aleppo city set up a sit-in tent, going on a hunger strike denouncing the Turkish state practices against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan, and demanding his freedom.

Within the series of the activities that demand the freedom of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan, and condemning the practices of the Turkish state in Aleppo city, Kongra Star set up a sit-in tent in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, and 33 members of Kongra Star in addition to the Civil Institutions’ members in Sheikh Maqsoud and the eastern neighborhoods attended the sit-in.

In the sit-in tent, pictures of Ocelan and the strugglers were hung, in addition to the flags of Kongra Star. Moreover, the sit-inners wore the unified white cloths with Ocelan’s pictures.

The sit-in started by holding a minute of silence, then the opening word was delivered by the administrative in Kongra Star Shervin Delil, and she made it clear that the international conspiracy is still ongoing on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan and the Kurdish people too. Shervin also noted that the Turkish state attempts by its oppressing practices to remove Kurdish people while the people are getting more and more resistant against the Turkish state’s violations against their leader.

Shervin added “we as Kongra Star go on a sit-in for the sake of our leader who drew freedom lines for us, and defended our freedom especially women’s freedom. We would not be saved till realizing anything about our leader’s health status. As women of Kongra Star, we would continue our activities till the leader would be liberated.”

After the opening w-9

ord ended, the participants in the sit-in chanted the slogans that call for Ocelan’s freedom, and salute women’s resistance.

According to the preparatory committee of the sit-in, the activity would continue till Wednesday evening, and the sit-inners would be visited by the Civil and Service Institutions’ members in Aleppo neighborhoods.