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Women in al- Tabqa about a historic, military achievement


AL_TABQA_ 33 fighters are getting ready to form the first battalion of women in al-Tabqa,  this is the first step to organize women militarily in al- Tabqa and will be a turning point in the history of women in al- Tabqa through their presence in the military field.HELIN

Preparations have been under way since two months to equip the women’s battalion, which is under the banner of the Women Protection Units, which was set up in 2012 and includes thousands of fighters, who have participated in all military campaigns against IS mercenaries.

The Battalion was formed  to activate the role of women in the military field, after the inclusion of women’s other walks through the formation of Women Council in al- Tabqa and its countryside in July 19.

In this context, one of the girls from in al–Tabqa who has joined the women’s battalion, Helen al- Raqqa, said “I joined the Women Protection Units to free women from malevolent and authoritarian mindsets and from IS mercenaries, as I have been also liberated” said fighter Helen. “The women have been oppressed a lot, especially Yazidi women at the hands of IS mercenaries..”KUCERIYN AMAR

As for us as freedom fighters, our thought’s freedom is a mission Helen adds in a message sent to all the women “women must take part in the armed struggle in order to defend themselves and the society, to support the comrades in the battlefields and the front lines of the battles, and to honor us as an Arab woman to take up arms against oppression.

“After we were liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces, I joined the Women Protection Units to liberate women from the male and dark mindsets and thoughts that we have always experienced during the presence of IS mercenaries in the city of  al-Raqqa. I am as a fighter in the city of al-Raqqa in the ranks of Women Protection Units my purpose as any fighters of all comrades is to free and defend oppressed women in all lands”.

“I wish every oppressed woman to join us in order to defend herself and to be free from society,” she said. “Women’s weapons are their thinking and freedom from all oppressive mindsets.”

After completing the military training conducted by the fighters, the battalion’s formation will be announced in the coming period, which will also be the first battalion in al–Tabqa.