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Women in al-Tabqa rapidly heading towards economic independence

AL-TABQA– The Women’s Council of al-Tabqa started working on the project of opening a women’s sewing workshop to strengthen the popular heritage of women. The first work of the workshop will be the sewing school uniforms for students, coinciding with the beginning of the academic year, which is due to start in early October.TEBQA-JINEN-KARKER ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

This project is the first in terms of the practical and economic development of women after the liberation of the city by the Syrian Democratic Forces on 10 May.

The project aims at introducing the culture of peoples and the folkloric attire that women from all Arab, Kurdish and Syriac peoples are proud of, and working to raise women’s awareness of the beauty of their culture, dress and patriotism.
The workshop consists of 27 female members of the woman sewing and working and will work within the available resources.

The project is one of the factors towards the development of the economy and the role of women to work on such projects and self-reliance, away from the monopoly of men to take control of economic matters.

Several shops will be opened to market the produced garments at considerate prices to help all citizens.
The first work of the workshop will be to sew the school uniform for children as the school year approaches the beginning of October.

In the event that assistance is provided for the workshop, additional workshops will be opened in the city and its countryside.