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Women in Qamişlo opened bakery for first time



QAMIŞLO- The women of Qamişlo took another step towards the economy specialized to women, and for the first time, they opened their bakery in Qamişlo.QAMISLO-VIKRNA-FIRNI (3)

The women of al-Gharbi neighborhood in Qamişlo city have cooperated to open the bakery in al-Gharbi neighborhood. Moreover, 5 Kurdish and Arab women are working in this bakery, and their ages are between 20 and 50 years old.

The work in the bakery begins from 06:00 to 13:00.

Avin Khasoj, a 33-year-old bakery’s worker said that the bakery is considered an important project for the development of women’s economy. Avin added “women today, have a place at all the fields and institutions of life.”

The women who are working in the bakery reinforce the economy of women on one hand, and renew the heritage of women in manufacturing Khubz on the other hand.

The opening of this bakery has reduced the load from the other  bakeries in the neighborhood, and reduced the overcrowding on the bakeries. Avin said “the bakery was welcomed by the residents of the neighborhood happily.”