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Women intensive activity in al-Tabqa prior to November 2

AL-TABQA- At its first activity, the Women Organization in the Youth and Sport Committee in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa city published leaflets that call for combating violence against women.

The leaflets distributed in al-Tabqa city call for the renunciation of violence against women in all its forms and highlighting the 25th November, the International Day of Combating Violence against Women.

The leaflets also include a brief about Mirabal sisters and their assassination by the Dominican dictator Trujillo in 1960.

The leaflets called for the people and the members of the civil institutions in al-Tabqa to attend the forum about the International Day of Combating Violence against Women which would be the first event within a series of events of the Women Council in al-Tabqa and its countryside that would extend till November 24.