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Women of castle of resistance celebrate March 8th

KOBANI – The castle of Resistance women in the Syrian north have launched the celebrations where thousands of Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen and Circassian women have taken part in. KOB-SAHIYA-8-ADARE1

Kobani, Manbij, Sireen women have marched in massive demonstrations in Kobani canton, the march started from Women Square in Kobani city and headed for the New Neighborhood west of the city, as women got there, the celebrations started.

The International Women’s Day celebrations adopted a slogan derived from the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan where he said” I am the hope of women to retrieve their lost smile.

Star Congress, Asayîş, TEV-DEM flags, strugglers photos, Abdullah Ocalan photos were held by the celebrators.

Then Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan analyses about women and their freedom were given then.  KOB-SAHIYA-8-ADARE2

Women are a symbol of struggler Sara khalil member of Star Congress congratulated International Women’s Day on women and martyrs of freedom, and pointed out to the meaning of this day which embodies resistance of free women.

Sara added that Abdullah Ocalan resisted and struggled for women to reach their freedom, and they should not be failing him saying” women were not created to be slaves to the masculine mindset, women are symbols of struggle”.

“ Women revolting against slavery have gathered here”

The Co-Chair of MSD Ilham Ahmad said” today is the day of resistance in the free world, the day of a struggle begun KOB-SAHIYA-8-ADARE3thousands of years, women have revolted on slavery and refused all kinds of authoritarianism, this is one of the results of the perspectives and philosophies of Ocalan the Kurdish people leader, the result of dozens of women struggle in the battlefields in the face of fascist Turkish state”.

“The Arabic women revolution started from Manbij and is spreading”

Ilham Ahmad added” Kurdish women have efficiently proved themselves in many different life fields, women in Bakur Kurdistan have revolted against the Turkish fascism, and refused all kinds of slavery and oppression, they triumphed and are still struggling, the Arabic women revolution has started from Manbij and is moving to al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor which have revolted in the face of the fascist regime and mercenaries”.

The celebrations are ongoing and many songs and shows are being given by the bands taking part.