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Women teachers in Afrin to receive weapons training

AFRIN – 300 KPC-D women teachers are receiving weapons training in the Afrin Federal Region.EFRIN-PERWEDYA-LESGERI-YA-MEMOSTEN-JIN (3 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

A weapons training cycle for KPC-D women teachers has been launched in Afrin’s Martyr Ezîme Academy. The cycle which will teach teachers how to use weapons is given by HPC-Jin.

Ronahi Îbo, a teacher which spoke to our agency about the importance of using weapons, said the following: “We must learn to use weapons to protect our country’s lands in the attacks of the invading forces.”

Another teacher named Rûken Hecî Reşîd noted that the teachers were happy with this step which had been taken, underlining the process the region is currently subject to.

The weapons training is scheduled to last for two days.