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Women’s Coordination in Manbij holds its first meeting

MANBIJ- The Women’s Coordination organized the first meeting of the women’s council in Manbij and rural areas today, after it was formed at the semi-annual meeting of women in Manbij.MINBEG-JEVINA-YKMIN-YA-KORDINASON-JIN (2)

During the semi-annual women’s meeting in Manbij on the 26th of this month, a general coordination for women was formed in Manbij, composed of female representatives of 28 Democratic Civil Administration committees.

A few days after the formation meeting, dozens of women members of the Women’s Council met today and held their annual meeting in the Women’s House meeting room north of the city center.

The first meeting was held with the aim of explaining the mechanism of work of the members in Coordination. A day for the monthly meeting was also set to be at the end of each month.

The meeting began with a minute of silence, and then spoke on behalf of the Council of Women Maha al-Ali on the work of coordinators.MINBEG-JEVINA-YKMIN-YA-KORDINASON-JIN (1)

During the meeting, a committee was set up to visit families in Manbij to learn more about the status of women in Manbij.

The committee has set a date to receive training from the coordinators.

This meeting comes in the context of intensive organizational work for the women in Manbij city, who have taken historic steps in terms of participation in all spheres of life and raise the level of their organization after the liberation of the city from grip IS gangs by Manbij Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on August 12, 2016.