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 Women’s Council visits Manbij women to look for their situation

MANBIJ – A delegation from the Women’s Council of Manbij city visited for the first time, the women of the city to investigate their situation and listen to their problems and sensitize them to take their role in society, civil institutions and the Communes.

During the semi-annual meeting of women in Manbij, which was held on the 26th of December, a committee was set up to visit families in Manbij and its countryside areas to learn about the status of women in Manbij.

In the context of the organizational work and in order to familiarize themselves with the situation of women in Manbij, and to investigate their situation and learn them, the Women’s Council of the city started to visit the parents homes and they met the women and listened to their problems and suffering.

The visit focused on the women council members’ discussion on the role of women in society, the preservation of their rights in their own right and the recognition of the women’s Communes’ system, which they will form in the coming days.

To take the role of women through them and introduce them to civil institutions which organize society.

Administrative Women Council has been divided into two sections, each with three administrators, one visiting the residents’ homes at the east end of the city and another visiting the west side. During the first day of the visit, each section visited about 20 to 30 houses.

House visits are expected to continue until all the districts of Manbij and its countryside are completed.