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Women’s House is Tel Hamis women’s destination to solve problems


QAMIŞLO- The Women’s House that was opened by Kongra Star in Tel Hamis district in Qamişlo city in al-Jazeera canton managed to solve 325 problems during 2017, and the house has been the destination where the women of the district head towards.

Since ancient times, women have suffered from marginalization as they were locked in the old traditions and customs, and they were trapped of their will, but with the beginning of Rojava Revolution, women have become the pioneer of the revolution at all levels, the Arab women also have a share in the development that took place in the area.

During 2017, the Women’s House in Tel Hamis has received 445 cases and problems that are concerned to women, and the members of the house were able to solve 325 cases through satisfaction and reconciliation, while 125 cases were referred to the peoples’ court in Tirbê Sipîyê for examination. QAMISLO-MALA-JINI (2)

The total cases obtained in the Women’s House were about the Marriage of minors, inheritance, divorce, marital disputes.

Within this and about the problems and difficulties which the Women’s House faced concerning the organization of the women and solving their problems, Hawar news agency interviewed the administrative in the Women’s House in Tel Hamis district Amal Abbas.

Amal Abbas made it clear that the year of 2017 was the most advanced of the previous years after the liberation of Tel Hamis district from IS mercenaries, and Amal Abbas said, “During 2017, the women have been able to overcome the difficulties and obstructions, and they managed to organize themselves at all levels in Tel Hemis district.”

Amal Abbas pointed out that in spite of the difficulties and the obstructions that the Women’s House faced, the women were able to prove themselves within the institutions, and they were able to get rid of the masculine mentality, and they organized themselves at all the civil and military institutions.

Amal Abbas, the administrative in the Women’s House in Tel Hamis district in Qamişlo city in al-Jazeera canton concluded that 2018 would be a new beginning of the Women’s House, and it would be a year full of achievements.