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Women’s House opened in Şedadê.

HESEKÊ – With a festivity, at the request of local women, the Women’s House was opened in Şedadê. Members of the Congress Star administration from in Cizîre Canton, Congress Star members in Hasaka, representatives of the YPG / YPJ and the Asayîş, and dozens of locals, were present.HSK-VEKIRINA-MALA-JINE-LI-SEDADE (2)

The celebration began with a moment of silence.  Welîda Botî, administrative of Congress Star in the Canton, said that the opening of the Women’s House celebrates the local women, and added “With the beginning of the Rojava’s revolution, women, thanks to the leader Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy have fought against the savagery of the gangs, the slavery systems inside us, and have fight for proving our existence”.

There were speeches by Firyal Remeddan, member of the Congress in Hasaka city, and from Hîba Deham El-Esed, an administrative member of the Women’s House in Şedadê, expressing the role of the women in Rojava’s revolution (especially after proposing the federal project).

After the speeches, the Women’s House was opened by the local martyrs’ mothers and the entertainment began as they took to dancing in rings.