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Work on opening bakery to cover al-Mabrouka town , 22 villages’ needs


AL-HASAKH-People municipality in al-Mabrouka town in Serê Kanîyê works to open a bakery to meet the needs of the people of the town, and other 22 villages of bread.SRK-AMEDEKARIYA-FIRNEYA-NAN (4)

The people of al-Mabrouka and its villages were able to obtain bread easily. Al-Mabrouka municipality cooperated with the Economic Committee of the Municipalities Body in al-Jazeera canton to open a bakery.

The bakery is being prepared in Dahham village in al-Mabrouka town in al-Hasakah canton.

The co-chair of the people’s municipality in al-Mabrukah, Seddam Addlah explained that the people of the area find difficulty to bring bread, so they saw the need to open the bakery.

Seddam said that the location of the bakery had been set, and they are waiting for the machineries to arrive.SRK-AMEDEKARIYA-FIRNEYA-NAN (1)

Seddam pointed out that the opening of the bakery will facilitate the burden on Serê Kanîyê bakeries so that each area will produce its own bread.

The deadline of opening of the bakery has not been revealed yet, but according to the co-chair of the municipality, the bakery will be opened as soon as possible.