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Working as a nurse, she was imprisoned, flogged by IS


QAMISHLO – Like all women who have been humiliated by IS mercenaries, she has been imprisoned and flogged 40 lashes because she was working and trying to help her parents secure a living to survive.

Bushra al-Gharab from the city of al-Tabqa told the Hawar news agency some of the practices she had been subjected to under the IS mercenaries’ occupation of her city, thus expressing the suffering of hundreds of women by IS mercenaries

Bushra was working as a nurse at a dentist’s clinic to help her family provide their daily needs when IS mercenaries jailed and whipped her.

Talking about the way she was imprisoned, Bushra said “one day, an IS mercenary came to the dentist’ to treat him,” Bushra said. “When he saw me there, he asked the dentist whether I was a relative of his or not. “The doctor said,” We are not relatives”, afterwards, the IS mercenary began to insult the dentist. After that, we were arrested by the so-called Hesbah. We were put in solitary confinement”.

Bushra noted that all her attempts to find out why she was imprisoned did not fruit and she added “I tried a lot with them to know why I was imprisoned but they did not tell me why, they did not let me know why I was in prison, they threatened me and humiliated me, uttering the harshest words,” she said. “I stayed for 7 hours in a dark room on my own, without knowing what the guilt was. “

“After seven hours of fear of the unknown, they interrogated me and began to ask me embarrassing questions. They accused me of false charges. After torture and humiliation, they made me confess against my will and under psychological pressure that I was alone with the dentist in the clinic”.

Bushra said that the IS mercenaries also accused her of not adhering to the legal dress forcing her then with her father to undergo a 15-day legal session to learn about the religion basics, claiming that they were infidels and did not know Islam, as she discovered that her father was also imprisoned with her in the same prison.

Bushra continued her words with tearful eyes “before we got out of prison, the dentist and me were flogged by IS mercenaries, one of them was an Algerian and the other Sudanese, “she said. “I had 40 lashes in front of my father. He, helplessly, was watching me. He could not do anything to me, and so did the dentist who has been forced to close his clinic and undergo a legal course.

Bushra said at the end of her speech “while I was in prison, I saw many women who were imprisoned without a fault. No one, no women, no children or men, were released. They imprisoned a girl on the night of her wedding because she did not wear the legal dress”.