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Wrath of Euphrates: inflicting gangs losses, fighters enter 3 villages


AL-RAQQA- Fighters of the Wrath of Euphrates have launched a campaign to liberate Mazrat al-Hokomiyah, Kabash Garbi, and Royal villages, during the clashes that erupted in these villages, a number of mercenaries were killed and others were wounded.

The 4th stage of the Wrath of Euphrates has been launched since 8 days, ANHA reporters stated that the fighters have begun the operation to liberate Mazrat al-Hokomiyah, Kabash Garbi, and Royal villages.

A progress was made by SDF to liberate Mazrat al-Hokomiyah, the mercenaries, in turn, launched suicide bombers attacks, the fighters repelling the attacks, clashes erupted and a suicide bomber was killed, the clashes are still ongoing, and a number of mercenaries was killed.

On the western side of the campaign, fighters started moving towards Kabash Gharbi village, on the other side, fighters are heading towards Royal village, on both axes, clashes broke out between Wrath of Euphrates fighters and IS gangs, the clashes are ongoing and more than 7 mercenaries have been killed.