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Wrath of Euphrates: more than 10 thousand refugees liberated



AL-RAQQA-  The displaced movements from al-Raqqa and its countryside to escape IS gangs’ oppression and massacres towards the liberated regions by Syrian Democratic Forces, the liberated displaced number on Wednesday reached 10 thousand refugees and they were secured to safe areas.   REQQA-BI-HEZARAN-KOCBER-GIHISTIN-CIHEN-RIZAGARKIR-BUN1 ‫(1)‬

The northern countryside villages of al-Raqqa city is witnessing a mass displacement movement as people are escaping IS mercenaries crimes and massacres, thus thousands of people were forces to leave their homes and head for the SDF-held regions.

Syrian Democratic Forces are receiving refugees from the northern countryside of al-Raqqa and safe corridors are opened for them, then they are secured to safe areas.

Reaching SDF points, refugees are filled with joy and happiness since they have escaped IS gangs’ nightmare, a Maskana village refugee said” we have been oppressed and tortured by IS mercenaries who turned our lives hell, until we learnt that there is a force that is fighting them and saving us from their hands, only now we felt secure after we spent years deprived of the sense of security.

Another refugee from Kabash al-Gharbi” , having liberated our village, we hope that SDF would liberate all other villages from IS mercenaries, SDF has created a new life and hope for our children and us”.

In the same context, many refugees wished SDF victory and soon liberation” now we are safe and sound, may Allah make you victorious”.REQQA-BI-HEZARAN-KOCBER-GIHISTIN-CIHEN-RIZAGARKIR-BUN1 ‫(271712769)‬ ‫‬

Massive displacement movement continues to the liberated regions by Syrian Democratic Forces