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Yazidi Union’s head: massacre aimed at ending Yazidi religion


AFRIN- The co-chair of Yazidi Union in Afrin canton Abdul Rahman Shamo assured that Şengal massacre was planned by the Turkish intelligence with the Kurdish Democratic Party (PDK) acceptance aiming at removing the Yazidi religion and culture in Şengal. Moreover, Abdul Rahman Shamo said “Public Defense Forces rescued thousands of Yazidi people”.

Hawar news agency interviewed the co-chair of Yazidi Union in Afrin canton on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the massacre which was committed against the Yazidis in Şengal.

Abdul Rahman Shamo stated in the beginning of his speech that the massacre drove thousands of Yazidi people away. Shamo added “the massacre which was committed against Şengal people by IS mercenaries killed hundreds of Yazidis and displaced thousands of them, in addition to destroying their homes and kidnapping thousands of women and children whose fate is still unknown”.

Shamo noted “the last massacre aimed at ending Yazidi religion, but Şengal people are still stuck to their Yazidi religion, culture and traditions so the obscurantist forces and their supporters could not do that. Moreover, We demand Human Rights organizations and the UN to hold the criminals and their supporters accountable for the crimes committed”.

Shamo accused the Turkish intelligence and the PDK who facilitated to IS mercenaries entering Şengal as they suddenly withdrew without attempting to rescue the Yazidi people from killing, slaughtering, raping and bloodshed.

Abdul Rahman Shamo concluded assuring that Guerilla Forces, YPG and YPJ rescued the rest of Şengal people and supported them till the Yazidis have organized themselves and formed their forces including Şengal Protection Units and Women-Şengal Protection Units who protect and defend their people today against all attacks.

In August 3, 2014, IS mercenaries attacked Şengal with heavy weapons and occupied it after PDK’s troops have left and fled their potions and left the people alone fighting IS mercenaries as IS committed massacres against the Yazidis and kidnapped more than 5 thousands of women and children.