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YBŞ flag raised…to revenge for Yazidis women


AL-RAQQA-The fighters of the Women’s Units-şengal raised the units flag amid of Al-Naim Square, which was petrifying the people in al- Raqqa, and was merchandising place of Yazidi women kidnapped by mercenaries on August 3, 2014.REQQA-DALQANDINA-ALA-QSD-YPG-YBS-YPJ (2)

The province of şengal in Başûr Kurdistan was attacked by mercenaries on August 3, 2014, after the failure of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the abandonment of its troops from Şengal without any resistance.

In response to the attack on şengal, on July 3 of this year, a group of Women’s Protection Units-şengal entered the city of al-Raqqa to participate in the liberation campaign.

The aim of the units was to eliminate terrorism and revenge for Şengal, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began to raise the flag of Women’s Units-Şengal after the liberation of the city, in al-Naeem roundabout with the images of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, the flags of SDF, the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, and the Women’s Protection Units-Şengal in preparation for the final statement of the campaign.REQQA-DALQANDINA-ALA-QSD-YPG-YBS-YPJ (3)

With shiny smiles, the fighters of the Women’s Units-Şengal raised their flag at the center of the roundabout chanting “No life without Ocelan”.

The commander of the Women’s Units-Şengal, Akheen pointed out ” raising the flag in this square is a revenge for the Yazidi women who were kidnapped by mercenaries.

“Raising the flag was a duty to us. Today we raise the flag of resistance and struggle in the square in which the Yazidi women were sold.”

Akheen said that they fought IS in its stronghold of al-Raqqa, and mercenaries was pushed back in the Naim roundabout, and said, “This roundabout has become a place of revenge for the Yazidi women.”