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Years ago shut, Manbij park reopens its door

MANBIJ– the park of Bara‘em in the city of Manbij reopened its door after years as result of IS mercenaries practices.

Bara‘em park is considered the only park in the city of Manbij located on Aleppo road where residents of Manbij took it as a destination on holidays and it included an amusement city including games for children.

Rafid Rajab, the owner of the park closed it after many armed group had occupied the city and to be replaced then by ISIS gangs which prevented residents from entering the park, and used it in accordance with their own interests.

After liberation of the city on August 12 by Manbij Military Council , the owner cleaned the amusement park and secured all supplies to decorate the garden again, to be a popular destination for children accompanied by their families.

The owner of the park expressed his joy and said when the city was freed he felt that freedom returned once again to the city, and because of this I will reopen the park to bring back the smile to Manbij children.



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