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Yemen: Operations against Al-Husiyin launched

NEWS CENTER – An operation began in Yemen which was named as Asifet Al-Hazimby against the Husiyin, with the participation of dozens of Gulf countries. In the operation many of Husiyin positions were destroyed in the capital of Sana.
After the bad security situation in Yemen and requisition of Husiyin on some strategic places such as the city of Taiz and its airport, Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin demanded a military intervention against the Husiyin from Arab League and Gulf Cooperation Council. The process was begun by Saudi Arabia.
According to some Arab media sources, some air defense forces, particularly the Saudi Arabian war crafts started the operations by bombing Husiyin positions. The operation launched with 100 aircrafts and 150 thousand soldiers.
In addition to Gulf countries of United Arab Emirates and Qatar, Jordan and Sudan also take part in the operation. It has been reported that the Gulf countries have bombed a lot of Husiyin positions in the Yemeni capital of Sana. They managed to destroy most of the air defenses of Husiy in Sana.